Cuenta Conmigo

The Cuenta Conmigo Garden was an effort of the East Dwight and Mosher Street residents and Nuestras Raíces. They formed this garden around 2001 with the assistance of the City of Holyoke. Eventually the city also put a children’s park next to the garden as they saw more and more community residents participating in these activities with their children. Today, the garden is one of three gardens that Nuestras Raíces, its members and the city of Holyoke have been working with.

The Cuenta Conmigo garden has an annual party in August where they invite all community members of the area to a full day of free traditional roast pork and chicken, live music and events for children.

In 2011, the Cuenta Conmigo gardeners and Nuestras Raíces approached the City of Holyoke for another adjacent lot, and once again opened another garden for youth called “Jardineros del Futuro” (gardeners of the future).

Location99 Miller St Holyoke MA 01040 USA