New Farmers of Nuestras Raices Program!



We seek applicants interested in learning to be professional farmers for this free training program, launching on April 4, 2017. No experience is needed, and the classes will be taught in Spanish and English.

You can fill out the program application on our website (link below)

Web Application

Or download the Application and bring it to the office at 329 Main St. Holyoke Ma.


Spanish / Español

Applications are due March 15.
The New Farmer Training Program is a 100-hour introduction to organic farming principles and agricultural business planning. Nuestras Raices will train 100 new farmers in the next two years
in partnership with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), as part of a national effort
to train new farmers in earth-friendly practices.

Students will learn all aspects of farm management for one full growing season, from planting
seedlings in April to harvesting crops in October. Students will receive hands-on agricultural
training at the Nuestras Raices farm, and will also attend weekly classroom lectures taught in the
evening at Dean Technical High School.

The curriculum for the New Farmer Training Program includes:

Introduction to Organic Principles & Crop Planning

Organic Production Techniques

Marketing for Small Farmers

Small Business Management

Record-keeping & Regulations.

Upon graduation, students will be ready for careers in all aspects of employment in food
production and agriculture, including operating or managing farms, starting seed companies, or
leading farmers markets.

We are also seeking individuals or organizations who may have access to land that could be farmed by a graduate. Interested parties should call Rafael Herrero at (413) 535-1789 x 206.

Siembra Siempre Graduation!

Congratulations to the 2015 graduates of the Siembra Siempre Summer Program!

They have worked so hard and learned so much all summer. We are so proud of this group! Here are a few photos of the grand celebration we had for them on August 13th at the farm.


Here are some photos of the graduation and all the hard work and fun over the summer:

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Keep local agriculture alive! #HolyokeGrown