Siembra Siempre Graduation!

Congratulations to the 2015 graduates of the Siembra Siempre Summer Program!

They have worked so hard and learned so much all summer. We are so proud of this group! Here are a few photos of the grand celebration we had for them on August 13th at the farm.


Here are some photos of the graduation and all the hard work and fun over the summer:

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Keep local agriculture alive! #HolyokeGrown


2 thoughts on “Siembra Siempre Graduation!

  1. Eileen on said:

    I am puerto rico decentborn in New York, raised in Springfield and would like to take contol of my diet. Is there a way to purchase locally grown vegetables from your farm.?

  2. Rafael Herrero on said:

    Yes, our farmers sell directly to costumers in the farm. At the moment because of winter we dont have any products available, but starting spring we will be having products every week.

    Our address is:
    24 Jones Ferry Road
    Holyoke Ma

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