Nuestras Raíces is a grassroots urban agriculture organization based in Holyoke, MA. Our mission is to create healthy environments, celebrate “agri-culture,” harness our collective energy, and to advance our vision of a just and sustainable future.

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Connecting People with Land

The founding members of Nuestras Raíces were all farmers from Puerto Rico who took measures into their own hands.


Empowering Communities

We educate people and increase their knowledge to create a more fair and sustainable community.

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Advocating for Food Justice

We are committed to creating change in food and agriculture policies at the local, regional, and national levels.


Nuestra Comida

“By engaging entire families, developing youth, forming effective partnerships, and implementing an equitable, culturally-based school and community food system, Nuestra Comida builds healthy, respectful and sustainable communities.”

– Nuestra Comida Theory of Change

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Funding support for the Nuestra Comida  initiative is generously provided by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.


ServSafe Certificado

Desde el inicio del programa, Nuestras Raíces ha ayudado a más de 100 propietarios de negocios y profesionales a obtener su certificación ServSafe®. Nuestras Raíces contrata un profesional certificado por la Asociacion Nacional de Restaurante (ServSafe ®) que instruye el curso para miembros de la comunidad interesados en ovtener su certificación en manejo de Alimentos.…


ServSafe Certification

Since the start of the program, Nuestras has helped over 100 business owners and professionals obtain their ServSafe® certification. Nuestras Raices commissioned a ServSafe® certified professional to instruct a series of ServSafe® courses for community members interested in becoming certified Food Handlers. All lessons and exams are offered in Spanish and hosted at Nuestras Raices’…


Empresarios Comunitarios ’23

Empresarios Comunitarios está ayudando a los empresarios prometedores y potenciales a escalar, alcanzar su máximo potencial, crear nuevos puestos de trabajo en la comunidad y ser económicamente autosuficientes. Todos los miércoles del 15 de marzo al 26 de abril de 2022, Nuestras Raíces organizará un programa educativo de siete semanas enfocado en brindar asistencia financiera…


Empresarios Comunitarios ’23

Empresarios Comunitarios (Community Entrepreneurs) is helping promising and potential entrepreneurs to scale up, achieve their full potential, create new jobs in the community, and become economically self-sufficient. Every Wednesday from March 15th through April 26th 2023, Nuestras Raices will host a seven-week educational program focused on providing financial and business management assistance to community entrepreneurs…



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