Nuestros Finqueros Training Enterprises

Nuestras Raices’ farmer training enterprises program is a unique opportunity for socially disadvantaged community members to gain the skills, knowledge, and networks needed to successfully launch or support an agricultural business.

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Nuestras Raices’ partnership with UMass Amherst Extension supports the Nuestros Finqueros Training Enterprises program staff to assist socially disadvantaged beginner farmers growing culturally relevant heritage crops for their commercial markets throughout Hampden County. Through year-round technical assistance and Nuestras Raices-specific training, UMass Amherst provide ongoing support to beginner community farmers in the areas of crop and pest management, pesticide use and safety, food safety, and risk management. Participants benefit from 1:1 technical assistance and 10 professionally led workshops that not only ensures they can successfully operate small farms, but also facilitates dependable networks, access to expanded financing opportunities, and a professional community of practice. Participants are eligible for mileage reimbursement.


Nuestras Raices hopes to provide engaging educational opportunities for socially disadvantaged Latino farmers, such as vulnerable youth, veterans, elders, and low-income community members.


Visit us at 329 Main Street, Holyoke, MA 01040 or call (413) 535-1789 for enrollment instructions and additional information!

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