Nuestras Raíces is the oldest and largest urban agriculture, economic development and youth support organization working on behalf of the Latino community in New England.

Nuestras Raíces has been promoting urban agriculture, food justice, food access, economic development, and social justice all over western Massachusetts since 1992. Our mission is to create healthy environments, celebrate “agri-culture,” harness our collective energy, and to advance our vision of a just and sustainable future. We are nationally recognized, but our work is here, in Holyoke and surrounding communities, in solidarity and support for our vibrant Latino cultures.


To maintain Nuestras Raíces' programs, we need people like you! With your donation, the organization can keep providing inspiration to the community through great programs that will help them to be more knowledgeable, skilled, and most of all empowered. Our vision, is to create an atmosphere that is just and sustainable for all.


Volunteers are at the heart of Nuestras Raíces. We offer a variety of opportunities for those who desire to help their community.


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