Community Education

Nuestras Raíces offers a variety of community education programs centered on food justice, community leadership, and economic development for individuals and small businesses.

Personal & Business Finances (Empresarios Comunitarios)

Empresarios Comunitarios (Community Entrepreneurs) is helping promising and potential entrepreneurs to scale up, achieve their full potential, create new jobs in the community, and become economically self-sufficient.

The Empresarios Comunitarios project is specifically designed to break barriers, such as access to capital, minimal financial knowledge, language barriers, networks and relationships that are limited to the Latino community.

This program teaches local business people and individuals basic and advanced financial literacy, including techniques to manage their money, increase their credit score, and become debt free. The participants will have the opportunity to network with bankers, lenders, business owners, real estate, and learn from their experience and receive financial advice from experts of their community and surrounding areas. The class meets once a week and includes all the materials and resources available to help the individual succeed in the class. The class will be given in Spanish and English.

Our next program will be soon to announce. The class is taught from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Classes will be once a week for nine weeks.

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Community Leadership

The Community Leadership School is a nine-month program that educates and trains Holyoke residents in food justice, school food, advocacy, project and survey design, and evaluation.

Residents graduate the training with the tools and knowledge to become leaders in our work towards food systems change in Holyoke. The School was created out of a community listening session and informed by a model used by the HOPE Collaborative of Oakland. Through the School, community leaders have the opportunity to engage deeply with regional and national food justice leaders, while building their own networks and partnerships in Holyoke and beyond.

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